Hacking Services

Hacking Services

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Hacking & Dismantling

Tile Hacking Services

If you are looking to remove an existing layer of tiles for any reason, hacking works will need to be carried out. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. Commonly, it is done as a component of an overall renovation or remodel, where the floor or wall might need to be prepared for a new material or new tiles. Sometimes, when damage to previous tiles is too severe, we might also need to hack out an existing area, and prepare it to receive new tiles in order to prevent issues in the future. Occasionally, tiles might need to be hacked out in order to make accessibility modifications, commonly for the elderly.

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Wall Hacking Services

There are many reasons why you might need to hack a wall in your space. These include renovations of a space, or to repair walls that might have been damaged, or if you are upgrading utilities which might need to be accessed. If you are looking to change the current layout of your space or return a space to its original layout, you might need to hack down old walls and/or build new ones. Feel free to contact us for an assessment.

Dismantling Services

Whether you need to dismantle old built-in pieces from an existing space or need to reinstate a space to its original condition, we can help. We are experienced in the systematic disassembly and removal of different structures, components or materials from an existing site.

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Disposal Services

After completing the renovation project, efficient disposal services is an important step in various stages of the construction process. After hacking or dismantling existing structures, we will ensure that any unwanted material or debris is removed from the site and disposed of accordingly.

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